Rates & FAQs

How much will it cost?2024-01-26T09:54:30+01:00

The cost of translating a text is generally calculated according to the complexity and the number of words in the original. Rates are tailored to suit each project according to its subject, urgency and complication.

If your text has many charts and graphs, or certain file formats, we usually provide a per-page rate. Proofreading and revision services use to be charged by the hour.

Email us and we will provide a made-to-measure quotation for your project.

Can’t a machine translation program do it for me?2024-01-26T09:54:30+01:00

If you want your translations to read the meaning and shapes like it’s been written by a human, only a human will do!

Many factors contribute to the difficulty of machine translation, including context, culture values, words with multiple meanings, sentences with different structures, uncertainty about what a pronoun refers to, and other grammar issues.

Don’t risk your reputation! It’s important for businesses to invest in accurate translations. This can help increase the credibility and appeal of your brand, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue.

With our rigorous quality control processes, we guarantee that your content in Spanish or Galician maintains the intended meaning and effectively communicates your message to the target audience.

Why trusting us as a translation services provider?2024-01-26T09:54:30+01:00

Is the text right for the target group? Is the technical terminology correct? Have all the client’s requirements been taken into account? This task needs more than just accuracy and technical knowledge. We make sure that the material we submit is correct in terms of language and content, and also that it meets the standards and conditions agreed.

We commit to strictly respect deadlines and to always show kind and professional manners to our clients. Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, from the initial quote to the final delivery.

Whether it’s a form, a grant proposal, a press release or another type of document, we are ready to help!

Besides, don’t forget we work with competitive rates that can be adjusted to your project.

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